The Best Cities To Live In Turkey

The ease of applying for a Turkish citizenship when you own a property in Turkey has enticed many foreign investors to place their money in the country’s real estate market. Because of its sheer size and cultural diversity, you are surely in for an amalgam of experiences if you choose to live here long-term – you will surely fit in no matter what kind of lifestyle you follow.  
Below is a list of four of the best cities worth considering if you are planning to move to Turkey! 

  1. Ankara 
  2. Bursa 
  3. Istanbul 
  4. Izmir 


Ankara is Turkey’s capital and second largest city, located in the country’s central region. Aside from being a bustling commercial and political district, it is also the center of performing arts, serving as the home of the State Opera and Ballet, the Presidential Symphony Orchestra, and several national theater companies.  
Although highly developed, Ankara’s history is still reflected in the ancient Roman and Byzantine vestiges that flank its modern structures and buildings, which were built in the 1920s when the city was declared Turkey’s capital.   


Bursa is the fourth most populated city in Turkey, located northwest of Anatolia and right across the Sea of Marmara. An industrial city that’s also dubbed as Green Bursa for its fresh air, lush surroundings, and overall cleanliness, it also holds a special place in history as a capital of the Ottoman Empire.  
The city exports first-class agricultural products and fresh produce abroad. Because of this, prices are much cheaper here compared to anywhere else in the country.  
Because of its location, Bursa enjoys good weather all year-round –the nearby seas and towering trees shield the residents from the scorching summer heat, while winters are nowhere near uncomfortably freezing – in fact the popular hiking destination Mt. Uludağ transforms into a skiing resort during snowfall!  
Traditional Turkish hammams are also spread throughout the city, making Bursa one of the top thermal spa destinations in the country. One of Turkey’s biggest academic institutions, Uludag University, can be found here.  


Foreigners and expats who move to Turkey before retirement choose to stay in Istanbul, the country’s largest city. A major hub of tourism, finance, education, and business, Istanbul is divided into two parts – the Asian side and the European side. Both have equally attractive property investments, but if you’re seeking to settle down soon or you are after accessibility, choose the latter.  


Last but not the least is Turkey’s third largest city, also known as the Pearl of the Aegean. The coastal city of Izmir is the perfect choice for those seeking a holiday getaway or a retirement destination. 
Overlooking the teal waters of the Aegean Sea, Izmir’s roots go back to 4000 years ago when it was founded by the Greek empire. It was rebuilt by Alexander the Great after the Romans took over, and eventually it became part of the Ottoman Empire in the 15th century. Because of its rich history, the city is home to several archaeological sites such as the Agora Open Air Museum and the hilltop castle Kadifekale. 
Because of its proximity to the sea, Izmir, also serves as a port for exporting Turkey’s agricultural and industrial products. Summers can get quite hot in Izmir but the winters stay tolerable.  

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