All you need to know about Istanbul Besiktas area:

Istanbul Besiktas area

All you need to know about Besiktas in Istanbul:

Istanbul is famous for the beauty of its nature, and in the past years it has become a first destination for tourists from all over the world, as it includes the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey and the world.

On the other hand, Istanbul has attracted foreign investors and Arab businessmen who are interested in the real estate market in Turkey, who want to buy properties in Turkey, and who are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul and villas for sale in Istanbul, the Asian side.

The investor is interested in knowing the areas in Istanbul, and it is necessary to know the details of each area in all respects, so that his choice of the location of the property is based on a thorough study to ensure a successful and safe investment.

And because we at Homes and Beyond Group for real estate investment in Turkey always strive to provide a comprehensive view of the Turkish real estate market for our customers who want to buy apartments in Istanbul, we highlight today one of the most important areas in Istanbul.


Besiktas is located on the European side of Istanbul between Ortakoy and Kabatas, and is considered one of the most important and famous areas in Istanbul.

Besiktas overlooks the Bosphorus, and there are cafes, restaurants and large commercial markets. Besiktas is famous for its wide square, where the Republic Monument is located. It is also considered the cultural center for the local population as it includes many important cultural historical monuments, universities and schools in the city.

The most important landmarks of the Besiktas district:

Yildiz Park:

It is one of the largest green parks in the region, and April is one of the best seasons to visit the park in.

Dolmabahce Palace and Museum:

It is considered one of the most prominent monuments of the city. This palace was designed in an unprecedented style of extravagance and generosity, as it was designed by an elite of Ottoman architects according to the best architectural standards that were widespread in France, Germany and Italy at that era.

The tomb of Barbosa:

a famous sailor all over the world, stories and legends spread around him, making his tomb a tourist shrine in Besiktas.

Ortakoy Mosque:

One of the most famous mosques in Istanbul, it was built during the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid in 1853 AD and overlooks the Bosphorus and is considered one of Istanbul’s most prominent tourist attractions. Everyone who visited Turkey must have visited Ortakoy Mosque.

Sinan Pasha Mosque:

It was built by the famous architect Sinan. The mosque is a masterpiece that reflects the art of Islamic architecture. It was named after the architect Sinan, who was famous in that era and was one of the greatest engineers in the time of the Ottoman Empire.

The Maritime Museum:

It was built in the Ottoman era and contains many marine artifacts, submarines, boats and ships.

Real estate investment in Istanbul Besiktas:

Besiktas is considered one of the most prestigious areas in the city. As for the prices of apartments in Istanbul, they are the highest, due to its central strategic location, in addition to the spread of ancient buildings in it, which attract tourists to the region. These factors contribute to raising real estate prices in it.

Besiktas is also a destination for foreign investors who want to buy a property in Turkey to obtain Turkish citizenship and investment.

It is worth noting that property prices in Istanbul in the Besiktas region are constantly rising, and this is what makes the investment in the real estate market in Turkey in the Besiktas region a successful and safe investment.

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