Ankara the capital of Turkey:

Ankara the capital of Turkey

Ankara the capital of Turkey:

Turkey attracts tourists from all over the world. Where each city in Turkey has its own character and includes various tourist attractions.

If you are a fan of pristine nature with its forests, mountains and valleys, or you are interested in discovering historical monuments, you will find everything you like in Turkey.

On the other hand, Turkey is a destination for businessmen and investors interested in the Turkish real estate market and looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul to get the Turkish citizenship.

We will review with you in this context Ankara the capital of Turkey, in which political and diplomatic activity is concentrated.


Ankara the capital of Turkey and is  located almost in the center of Turkey, and is part of the Inner Anatolia Region. Its location gives it a strategic dimension as it is located at the meeting point of the roads heading to different parts and regions of Turkey.

It rises 938 meters above sea level, and its summer is characterized by high temperatures during the day and pleasant weather at night, while its winters are very cold.

It has a continental climate due to its internal location far from marine influences, and it also snows heavily due to its high location.

Historical overview:

The history of the foundation of Ankara dates back to the time of the Hittite civilization during the Bronze Age. The origin of its name is Ankora, a name given to it by its Phrygian rulers who flourished in their time.

Then it was controlled by the Lydians and the Persians, who continued to rule it for long periods until they were defeated by Alexander the Great, who occupied Ankara in 323 BC.

The city witnessed another important expansion at the hands of the Greeks who came to it around 300 BC, as it formed a point of trade exchange for goods between the Black Sea region, Anatolia, the Levant, Persia and Armenia.

The Romans seized it, the Goths invaded it several times, and then the Arabs under the rule of Queen Zenobia, and Emperor Aurelian was able to restore it to Roman power in 272.

The city was controlled by the Byzantines and Muslims several times, and its importance stemmed from its strategic location as a crossroads of many roads.

Ankara was chosen as the capital of the Turkish Republic after its establishment in 1923, and its location in Inner Anatolia had a significant impact on this choice.

Trade in Ankara the capital of Turkey:

Ankara is an important industrial and commercial center.

It is a destination for tourists as it includes the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey and is visited by foreign investors interested in buying property in Turkey.

On the other hand, Ankara is also an industrial and commercial center. Where most of its residents work in the field of trade and services, the city is characterized by the production of mohair made from the hair of the angora goat, and the production of angora wool or angora fur made from the angora rabbit, and these two products are exported to Europe due to the great demand for them in the European market.

Tourism is a secondary source of the economy in Ankara, and the Turkish government has taken various measures to encourage tourism and attract tourists to the city.

Tourist Attractions in Ankara the capital of Turkey:

The city contains many monuments, including the corridor, the Roman Column Road, the Roman theater, the historic Ankara Cathedral, the Temple of Rome, hundreds of Ottoman mosques such as the Alaaddin Mosque and the Haci Bayram Mosque, and more than 50 museums, including the Ethnic Museum, the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations and the Museum of the War of Independence.

Thanks to the spread of important historical monuments in Ankara, which is one of the best tourist places in Turkey, it was able to attract tourists who are fond of history and ancient civilizations. Many Arab and foreign investors who want to buy apartments in Turkey also see the importance of Ankara, being the political capital of Turkey, and tend to invest in real estate.

The city includes the facilities of Turkish sovereignty, including the presidential palace “Shan Qaya”, in which 11 Turkish presidents have resided since the era of Ataturk, and the new presidential palace “Ak Saray” (White Palace), which was opened during the era of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in addition to official government headquarters as a presidential building Ministers, various ministries and Parliament.

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