Apartment prices in Istanbul

Apartment prices in Istanbul

Apartment prices in Istanbul:

In the past ten years, Istanbul has attracted the interest of foreign investors. The real estate market in Turkey had the largest share of foreign investment portfolios.

The real estate market in Turkey is one of the strongest and most active real estate markets around the world.  Istanbul is one of the best-selling properties in Turkey. This is due to its economic advantages, and thanks to apartment prices in Istanbul.

Why Istanbul?

Istanbul has attracted the attention of foreign and local investors due to its important strategic location and being the economic and tourist capital of Turkey. In addition to its large population, which provides a large segment of consumers and labor. Infrastructure projects undertaken by the Turkish government in Istanbul also greatly affect the real estate market such as Istanbul Third Airport and Canal Istanbul

Which is considered a qualitative leap in the history of Istanbul, as the project plays a major role in the rise in land and property prices in the city in general and on apartment  prices in Istanbul in the areas surrounding the canal project.

It is worth noting that the price of a square meter of land in the village of Shamlar increased from 6.5 dollars to 184 dollars, and in other areas the price of a square meter reached 800 dollars, after it was 25 dollars.

Different prices for apartments in Istanbul:

When you decide to enter the world of real estate investment in Turkey, before taking the buying steps, you must know and see property prices in Turkey in general and the prices of apartments in Istanbul.

You start searching for apartments for sale in Turkey online by communicating with one of the reliable real estate companies in Istanbul. Real estate in Istanbul. When communicating with the real estate consultant, the consultant will inform you about all the projects that suit your request and budget, and here in this context we highlight the most important factors that contribute to determining property prices in Istanbul:


The location of the apartment plays a key role in determining its price. The closer the location is to the city center, the higher the purchasing value of the apartment. These properties are the most expensive in Istanbul, which has a view of the Bosphorus.

When you want to buy property in Istanbul, you must determine your purchase goal, is it residential or investment?

If the goal is to search for apartments for sale in Istanbul, you will have wide options in terms of the location and price of the property. You can buy an apartment consisting of a room and a hall with a budget not exceeding 75,000 dollars in New Istanbul within a luxury residential compound.

On the other hand, you may pay 250 thousand dollars, which is the right amount to obtain Turkish citizenship in an apartment of similar size, but in a central area in the center of Istanbul.

Property type:

The real estate market in Istanbul is divided into two parts, commercial and residential property, and the prices of commercial property are high compared to residential.

Commercial property:


Investment in shops is one of the most prominent types of real estate investment in Istanbul, which provides its owners with very high monthly and annual profits.

Hotel apartment:

The hotel apartments system is quick to rent, since Istanbul is an important tourist city and tourists flock to it throughout the year, so choosing the apartments of the hotel system will be successful.

Home office:

home Office apartments provide a high profit return, and these properties are characterized by ease of renting and a long-term contract, because the tenant establishes an office and a headquarters for his work, and his stay in it will last for years so as not to lose his clients who are accustomed to his location.

Homes and Beyond Group for real estate investment in Turkey offers you the best real estate opportunities in Istanbul for housing and investment. And because we care about the smallest details and accompany you on your way to owning apartments in Turkey from the first step, we provide free real estate advice and accompany you on a field tour where we visit Istanbul compounds and help you choose the most suitable property for your budget and request. We also take all legal procedures until you receive the title deed.

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