Should I buy property in Istanbul ready or under construction?

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Should I buy property in Istanbul ready or under construction?

Real estate investment in Istanbul offers various opportunities, with high profitability. To get these opportunities you have to look for an apartment in Istanbul for sale ready to move into a luxury compound. Also, you can buy property in an under construction project. Or buying shops in Istanbul, home office and hotel apartment in Istanbul.

It is noteworthy, Arab and foreign investors have been interested in buying an apartment in Istanbul ready to move and looking for property in Turkey for sale under construction.

In this article, we review with you the advantages of each of the ready and under-construction properties, so that you can determine your options before starting your investment in Turkey.

Advantages Of Ready To Move Property In Istanbul

Many foreign investors looking for property in Istanbul for sale prefer to buy ready to move properties for several reasons, including:

–         Handing over the apartment and moving to the residence after signing the contract and paying the first payment in case the purchase was in installments.

–         See the apartment and preview it on the ground, so what you see is what you buy.

–         Title deed is ready and the property in Istanbul ownership is registered in your name immediately.

–         If you want to rent the apartment and benefit from the profit, you can rent it immediately after receiving it

–         The price of the ready property is higher than the property under construction.

Advantages Of Under Construction Property In Istanbul

–         When the goal of buying property in Istanbul is an investment, it is recommended to go towards the projects that are under construction due to the investment value that rises with the passage of time and progress in the construction phases.

–         In under construction projects, many options are available according to apartment type. You will find more options in terms of location, floor, space, and view. You can make the adjustments that suit you.

–         The price of the property under construction is cheaper than the ready property, with the possibility of paying in installments with flexible payment plans with higher discount rates on cash payment.

–         If the purpose of buying a property in Istanbul is to obtain Turkish citizenship, in this case, buying a property in Turkey in a project under construction is a good option, because one of the conditions for obtaining citizenship is that the property is not resold until after three years.

Governmental Construction Companies In Turkey

Emlak Konut

It is one of the largest property developers in Turkey, and it belongs to the Turkish Urban Development Administration, Emlak Comte was established in 2002.

The company tries to take action steps depending on the needs of the consumer, and it seeks progress and development through buying lands in strategic areas and reconstruction.

The company’s capital is about 3.8 billion Turkish liras. And between 2003-2017, the company established about 130,000 housing units distributed over 132 projects, and this number is considered huge compared to other companies.


It is a government company for the construction of housing projects. The company presents its projects that work on a long-term strategy aimed at providing housing for people with medium and limited incomes, through an integrated partnership with the private sector.

One of the most prominent features of Toki’s projects is the installment payment plan suitable for people with limited income, as it provides the possibility of installments for long years between 10-15 years.

Toki also chooses important strategic sites for the construction of projects, and the project is built according to the best conditions with high-quality cladding and finishes.

If you are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul for investment, or you are looking for villas for sale in Istanbul with a view of the Bosporus.

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