Guide To Buying Property In Istanbul

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When foreigners think of Turkey, the first city that comes to mind is Istanbul. Although it is not the country’s capital, it remains to be the most populated Turkish city, with over 15 million individuals calling it their home. Situated in the middle of Europe and Asia, its strategic location makes it highly attractive for trade, tourism, finance, technology, culture, and even art.


Istanbul’s potential to become one of the world’s most highly-sought real estate investment locations is now one of the national government’s key players in boosting the economy. In 2020, the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ICC) published the Property Buying Guide: Istanbul to answer foreign real estate investors’ questions about buying real estate properties in the iconic city. The 36-page guidebook is available in three languages: English, Arabic, French, Russian, Chinese, and Persian.

The guide

During the online press conference, GIGDER (Real Estate International Promotion Association) Vice President Bayram Tekce shared that their goal with the creation of the guidebook is to “guide all real estate buyers and investors who want to buy a property and invest in Turkey: GIGDER President Ömer Faruk Akbal further adds that “(Turkey) aims to be one of the top 5 real estate investment markets in the world, which has a value of 400 billion dollars, with reliable and effective promotion strategies.”

What you will find

The guidebook is divided into nine chapters, namely:

  • Meet Turkey
  • Facts about Turkey
  • Why do foreign investors prefer Turkey?
  • Step by step guide to real estate purchasing and
    investment in Turkey
  • International banking operations
  • Real estate investment process in Turkey
  • Acquiring Turkish citizenship through investment
  • Investment and project opportunities in Turkey
  • Sectors and major projects offering investment

You can access the guidebook here. Interested to
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