Important Tips to Invest In Istanbul Property Market

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The investment options are various in Istanbul. It’s back to Istanbul’s strategic location and the importance of the city at the economic level.

These factors have played an important role in bringing foreign investments to Turkey.

In this context, we want to highlight the real estate market in Istanbul. Which has activated in the last decade.

Property Investment In Istanbul

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Arab investors focus on Find apartments in Istanbul for sale,

and buying hotel apartments in Istanbul, on the European side. Also, Businessmen preferred to search for villas for sale in Istanbul with Bosphorus views. It is worth mentioning the prices of villas in Istanbul with Bosphorus view are expensive compared with other regions. At the same time, prices are increasing annually and some businessmen consider this type of investment to be their most successful investment.

If you are planning to invest your money in Istanbul property, you should know some tips about the real estate market in Turkey. This is because the success of any investment lies behind knowing the sector you want to invest in.

In this context, we put in your hands our long experience in the Turkish real estate market and offer you the most important advice that you must follow before starting your investment in Turkey.

Real Estate Tips

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1-     Choose large cities with a large population, we advise you to start your investment from Istanbul, as it is the capital of the economy in the country and the largest city by population in Turkey. But if you think of buying a property in the tourist cities, it wouldn’t be a good choice because its properties are linked to indicators that change rapidly.

2-     Focus on the area of the apartment well, as the apartments in the 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 model are the fastest selling, while the apartments in the 1 + 1 model are more likely to be rented.

3-     Avoid buying an apartment on the first or last floor, focus your choice on the middle floors, as they are more profitable in selling and renting

4-     If your investment is in rent, the annual profitability return in Istanbul, for example, ranges between 6-10% and rises in the case of tourist rental.

5-     The focus should be on the property area and the services available in it from the transportation network and infrastructure, as these are the most influential factors in increasing the annual profit rate.

6-     Buying apartments under construction provides you with a 35% increase in the price of the property when it will be ready to move.

7-     Make sure that your transactions are in Turkish Lira to avoid exchange rate changes against other currencies.

8-     If your goal in buying apartments in Istanbul is to obtain Turkish citizenship, we recommend that you go to commercial properties such as office apartments, hotel apartments or shops. It provides you with high profit returns. If you want to resell the property, it should be noted that the owner of the property applying for Turkish citizenship is not entitled to sell the property until three years after its purchase. And when you resell the property, you will get a profitable return from selling the property between 25-35% of the capital.

9-     If the investor’s capital is large, we advise him to head towards the largest investment, which is the construction projects. Where he can buy land suitable for construction in an area close to transportation and public utilities, and start investing in it from the first steps, he can build a hotel or a commercial compound and even a residential building, and all of these investment options bring him an ideal profit.

Investment options in the Turkish real estate market vary, between residential and commercial real estate, and after defining the investment portfolio.

The investor must take real estate advice from experts in this field. We, at Homes and Beyond Real Estate Group, put in the hands of our valued customers years of practical experience for our team and always strive to gain your trust and ensure the success of your investment.


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