Property Turkey market analysis 2023 are you interested?

property Turkey market analysis

property Turkey market analysis is very important to know when you take a decision to invest in the real estate market.

There are many types of real estate investment in Turkey.

Istanbul tops the list of the most attractive Turkish cities for investors who are interested in buying property in Turkey.

This is due to the importance of Istanbul’s geographical location in the middle of the continents of Asia and Europe, and its being a major commercial center in the country.

Why Turkey?

Turkey is characterized by political and economic stability, and the Turkish economy has achieved a qualitative leap and rapid development, as it was ranked as the second fastest growing economy after China.

On the other hand, Turkey includes the most beautiful tourism places around the world. Where it attracts foreign tourists for the beauty of its nature and for containing huge archaeological treasures , which includes the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey.

Turkey’s vast geographical area, diverse climate, large population, and strong infrastructure play a key role in providing an investment climate suitable for any type of investment. All these factors encouraged foreign businessmen and investors to invest their money in Turkey.


Before talking about types of real estate investment, the investor must have an idea about property turkey market analysis, after that he have to determine his investment destination and choose the best city to ensure a successful investment.

We advise you to choose Istanbul, as the real estate market in Istanbul is one of the most active real estate markets according to property turkey market analysis.

Property turkey market analysis in Istanbul:

property in Istanbul is characterized by a periodic increase in prices at a rate of 20-25% annually, which provides high profit returns when the property owner wants to resell it.

The investor must determine the objectives of the purchase. If the goal of buying apartments in Istanbul is to obtain Turkish citizenship, the choice of property differs from whether the goal is investment only.

It is worth noting that the Turkish government has passed a law to grant Turkish citizenship to those who buy a property worth 250 thousand US dollars.

Types of real estate investment:

According to the property turkey market analysis, we at homes and beyond group provide you types of real estate investment in Turkey.

Hotel apartments in Istanbul:

The hotel apartments system is easy to rent, since Istanbul is an important tourist city and tourists visit it throughout the year, so the choice of hotel apartments will be successful. Most construction companies also give a rental guarantee for several years with a high profit return.

In recent years according to property turkey market analysis, Istanbul has witnessed a wide activity in building hotel apartment projects for the most famous international hotel chains.

Construction companies offer a rental guarantee for several years with a high profit return, and we at Homes and Beyond Real Estate Investment offer our valued customers the best hotel apartments in Istanbul.

Home office:

Home office in Istanbul provide a high profit return. These properties are characterized by ease of renting and a long-term contract, because the tenant establishes an office and a place of work, and his stay in it will last for years so as not to lose his clients who are accustomed to the location.

Property in Istanbul under construction:

 According to property Turkey market analysis, we at homes and beyond group advise you to buy property in Istanbul in under construction project.

Where the purchase price is much lower than the price of the property after the completion of the construction work, and therefore the return on resale will be large between 25% and 35%.

Commercial shops:

Buying a shop in Turkey is a successful investment option. This is because the shops are always on demand, quick to rent and provide very high annual profits compared to residential properties.

In order for your investment to be successful, ىي According to property Turkey market analysis we recommend that you choose a store within a large shopping mall, as the opportunity to rent it is much faster than a separate store on the corner of the street.

Looking for villas in Istanbul for sale:

Many people interested in the Turkish real estate market believe that buying villas has nothing to do with investment, but this information is wrong according to property turkey market analysis. This is because your choice of the location of the villa plays a major role in making it a successful investment project.

Most of the villas are built in rural areas far from the crowded central areas, and their prices are somewhat reasonable compared to the prices of villas overlooking the Bosphorus Strait.

After several years, this area will become highly qualified and well-known, and will turn into a pool of villas that attracts the wealthy and businessmen. In this case, the price of the properties in this area is going to be higher. So, all you have to do is choose the ideal area to buy a villa in Istanbul, to ensure that it is resold later with a very high profit return.

How is the return on real estate investment in Turkey calculated?

According to property Turkey market analysis the method of calculating the return on real estate investment in Turkey is different from other types of investment.

The capital invested in the property remains the same and its value does not change, and if the appropriate opportunity is chosen, the value of the property may increase.

if an investment is made in a property with a guaranteed investment return of 6% for a period of 5 years, the investor will receive 30% of the property value. If the investment site is a promising one, the property prices are set for an increase in it, the investor gets an investment return from reselling the property in that area, bringing the return on the real estate investment to between 70 and 100% of the value of the investment.

Advantages of the real estate market in Turkey:

Statistics in the real estate market indicate an increase in foreign direct investment in Turkey.

This came after the actions taken by the Turkish government to encourage foreign investors and businessmen to invest their money in the real estate market.

Active market:

One of the most prominent features of the Turkish real estate market is that it is an emerging and strong market, and it is the second most active and strongest construction market in the world.

Turkey ranks fourth among the top ten real estate investment sites in the world because of its components and infrastructure, and thanks to the large government facilities it offers to foreigners who want to buy properties in Turkey.

reasonable prices:

According to property Turkey market analysis, property prices in Turkey are very acceptable compared to real estate prices in other countries.

Where you can buy a property in Turkey with high specifications and a vital location for a much lower amount than what you would pay in a similar property or with lower specifications in another country.

High Profitability Returns:

According to property turkey market analysis, the profitability returns from owning apartments in Turkey are very good, whether the return is from rent or from resale, because property prices in Turkey are constantly rising and increasing periodically.

Diverse opportunities:

According to property Turkey market analysis, one of the most important features of the real estate market in Istanbul is the diversity of investment opportunities, as you can invest your money in buying a property in Istanbul ” commercial” or search for cheap apartments in Istanbul in new areas promising development, and the investor can buy hotel apartments in Istanbul that provide guaranteed profit returns.

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