The most important universities in Istanbul:

universities in Istanbul

The most important universities in Istanbul:

In recent years, Turkey has become one of the most attractive countries for foreign tourists. Where Turkey is characterized by a large number of tourist places in it. It has a natural beauty.

On the other hand, Turkey is visited by investors interested in the Turkish real estate market and looking for property in Turkey for sale and apartment in Istanbul for invest.

Foreign students come to it to complete their studies in Turkish universities in Istanbul, which are ranked among the best universities in the world.

Study in Turkey:

There are thousands of foreign students in Turkey who study in universities in Istanbul. Turkish educational institutions are still opening their doors to receive foreign students with the provision of all facilities by the concerned authorities to assist students to obtain better educational opportunities.

If you want to complete your academic studies in Turkey, here is the most important information needed for that.

Important information:

Turkish or English is used for teaching in Turkish higher education institutions, Therefore, you should check the website of the university you would like to join to find out the language used in the study.

If you want to study the programs offered in the English language, you will be asked for proof of your proficiency in them, and if you are not proficient in the English language, you can join the preparatory programs available to study it.

If you want to learn Turkish and enroll in the study programs offered in the Turkish language, you can study it through the language centers spread in Turkey.

One of the most important requirements for living and studying in Turkey is housing.

There are many housing options that the student can benefit from, including student housing provided by many universities within the university campus. And if you do not want to live in the student dormitories, you can rent an apartment close to the university you will attend, or looking for apartments for sale in Turkey, as the prices of properties in Turkey are cheap compared to their prices in other countries.

You can also share your apartment with some study friends for a fee. At the same time, you live in your own apartment with your classmates and save yourself the trouble of renting and moving from one apartment to another during the study years.

The most important universities in Istanbul:

Istanbul university:

Istanbul University is the oldest in Turkey, and its inception dates back to 1453 AD with the conquest of Istanbul by Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror.

Many colleges that are spread throughout Istanbul are affiliated to the university. The main campus is located in Beyazit district in the center of Istanbul.

Among the faculties of the university (faculties of political science, law, journalism, science, medicine, pharmacy, arts and social sciences, engineering, business administration).

Notable alumni of Istanbul University include Turkish President Abdullah Gul and Nobel Prize-winning writer Orhan Pamuk.

Bosphorus University:

Bosphorus University is located in Istanbul in the Bebek region on the European side. It is one of the best public universities in Istanbul.

It was established in 1863 and was built in the British engineering style.

Its educational program includes faculties (arts, sciences, arts and languages, economics and administrative sciences, engineering, applied disciplines) and several higher institutes are affiliated to it, such as (Institutes of Biological Engineering, Higher Institute of Applied Sciences).

Istanbul Culture University:

The Culture University was established in 1997, and it is a private Turkish university. It is located in Istanbul, Atakoy district. It considered one of the most famous universities in Istanbul.

Its curriculum is based on Turkish and English languages.

It includes 7 colleges, including the College of Law and Arts, Economics, Education, and Architecture, in addition to the College of Design and Arts.

It is worth mentioning in this context, the diversity of study programs offered by Turkish universities there, diploma programs, bachelor’s programs, graduate studies, training programs, and Turkish language programs for the preparatory year.

When choosing a study program, you should review the university admission requirements and the dates for applying to universities.

As requirements and dates differ from one university to another.

You must contact the university you wish to attend one year before the start of your studies.

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