How To Buy Property In Turkey

Turkey is a country that attracts a lot of foreign investment, and for good reason. It’s a land of endless opportunity, beautiful locations, and great food and culture. Turkey also offers foreigners citizenship through investment, and one of the more popular ways to get citizenship is through buying property.

Buying property is a big deal, especially in another country. So, here’s a rundown of some of the best practices to buy property in Turkey.

Location, Location, Location

If you’re serious about buying property in Turkey, you want to make sure that it’s in the ideal location for you.

  • Make sure to do your research into the area you intend to purchase.
  • Check whether the area has long-term promise in its future.
  • Consider accessibility to important locations like schools, hospitals, and other services that are important to you.

Remember, you’re not just buying a house, you’re also buying into the neighborhood.

Property Type

Anyone buying property, foreign nationals especially need to carefully decide what type of property they are intending to purchase. The various options include apartments, villas, and holiday homes.

And if you pick a property that’s off-plan, be as sure as you can be of the location before you invest too much into it.

Property Agents and Lawyers

The easiest way to buy property is through a real estate agency. When deciding on an agency, make sure that you are aware of their qualifications, get testimonials, and their proven track records. All the steps above should be followed when deciding on a lawyer as well.

One last note, bureaucracy is more complicated for foreigners buying property. There are various rules and regulations associated with a foreigner buying property in Turkey. In this case, it’s always recommended to have a trusted real estate agent to help guide you in your purchase journey.

Whether you’re buying property in Turkey for citizenship, as an investment, or because you just fell in love with the country, it’s a complicated procedure.

As long as you properly plan your purchase, you’ll never regret buying a home in Turkey.

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