What to Eat, See, and Do in Bursa

Bursa is a beautiful, modern city that never lacks things to see and do. Nicknamed the Green Bursa, the city is filled with beautiful parks. Bursa was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire and has historical sites aplenty.

Shopping in Bursa

Koza Hani

Transport yourself to the 15th century to the heart of the city’s historic market district. The silk bazaar’s beautiful courtyards and Ottoman architecture are a treat for the eyes. Enjoy a nice cup of tea at the café nearby after browsing the various stores for the finest silk garments.

Podyum Park

An open-air shopping center, Podyum Park has plenty of fun things to do for both adults and children. A place with great cafes, brands, and a relaxed atmosphere. The cafes there are perfect for unwinding after a long day of shopping.

Where to Go

Bursa is a place with a long history. And as it goes, there’s plenty of wonderful and serene historic places to visit in your time there.

Bursa Teleferik

The Bursa Teleferik is the longest telpher line in the world. A telpher is an electric-powered cable car. Enjoy a 9km long ride over the stunning Uludağ mountain and take in the beauty of the region. Plus there are plenty of excellent cafes and restaurants once you reach the top.

The Great Mosque

A majestic building in the style of classical Ottoman architecture. A major part of the history of Bursa, the Great Mosque is the largest in Bursa. Go there to see the beautiful calligraphy, shadirvan, and early Ottoman architecture.

Green Tomb

Another example of classical Ottoman architecture, the green tomb is the resting place of Sultan Mehmed I Celebi. Covered in exquisite greenish-blue tiles and decorated in beautiful calligraphy, the Green Tomb is one of the highlights of a visit to Bursa.

Where to Eat & Drink

A meat lover’s paradise and the place for authentic Turkish kebabs, the food in Bursa is one of the key reasons to visit the region.


Kayhan Koftecisi

One of the best restaurants in Bursa. Get delicious local food, great service, and at amazingly fair prices. See the restaurant that the people are raving about. Delicious meatballs and turkey-style yogurt are a must-try.

Uzan Et Mangal

For the carnivore in you, Uzan et Mangal is known for their mouthwatering steaks and kebabs. Dessert is served too with items like baklava and kemalpaşa being crowd favorites,


A café for the more artsy customer, the Gren café in Bursa is a place known for its atmosphere. Vintage décor and beautiful photos are what make the place. Have some of their delicious pasta, sip some coffee, and take in the moment.

Hasköyüm Pidecisi

A local favorite known for their “pide” or Turkish pizza, the Hasköyüm Pidecisi is worth going for their kofte alone. Once there, make sure to try the Kiymali (minced veal and lamb).

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