What To Eat, See, and Do In Izmir

In a country known for its history and culture, Izmir stands tall. The Greeks, the Romans, and even Alexander the Great came for this great city, making it what it is today. A uniquely beautiful city with great culture, great people, and one worth visiting!

Things to See and Do in Izmir

Entertainment and Nightlife

For the best cafes and pubs, go to Kıbrıs Şehitleri Caddesi. Also known as Cyprus Martyrs Street, this is Izmir’s version of the iconic Istiklal Street in Istanbul.


If you are young and like to party, the open-air courtyard, and welcoming ambiance of Kovan sounds like the place for you.


For a refreshingly authentic experience, go to Nektar and enjoy live Turkish music as it’s meant to be heard. The snacks are great too.

Bios Bar

Another live music favorite, Bios Bar is where the people of Izmir go for a night out. Listen to great artists while sipping on some cool drinks.

Shopping in Izmir

Fevzipasa Bulgari

A street known for its exquisite leather goods, come for the shoes and stay for the bargains.

Kemeralti Market

A historic market built in the Byzantine Empire. Spend a day here wandering and browsing the different spice and pottery stores. Located next to the popular Konak Street.

Kordon Promenade

A more relaxed street, the Kordonboyu has plenty of shops and restaurants. Perfect for a more sedate shopping experience.

Izmir Optimum Shopping Mall

In search of a more global catalog? Izmir’s Optimum Shopping Mall has all the brands you’re looking for. Along with the multitude of shops, there are plenty of restaurants and fast-food chains.

Where to Go

Agora Open Air Museum

Walk through ancient history in the Agora Open Air Museum. Like the city itself, the Agora has a long history from 4000BC to its eventual reconstruction by Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius in 178 AD. See the remnants of beautiful colonnades and stones thousands of years old.


A crowd favorite, this “elevator” takes you from Karataş quarters to the upper hillside. Enjoy beautiful views of the coast with a nice cup of Turkish coffee at Frida Café at the top.

Saat Kulesi

The iconic clock tower was given to Abdulhamit Han by Kaiser Wilhelm II in commemoration of his first year as Sultan. An elegant tower boasting sophisticated Ottoman architecture, it stands at Konak Square. A must-see in Izmir.

Where to Eat & Drink

Adil Muftuoglu

Authentic Turkish food, straight from the source. No extra details or showmanship, this is delicious Turkish food at its purest. You might get lost looking for it, but it’s worth the trip.

Celebi Unlu Mamuller

The absolute best dessert in Izmir, the Izmir Bombasi, can be found here. This small chocolatey pastry is definitely worth the hype and the long lines.

Café Karga

No trip is complete without a nice, warm cup of Turkish tea or coffee. This pleasant shisha café is known for its variety of flavors and pleasant ambiance.

Wine Tasting in Izmir

Izmir is home to plenty of vineyards, wine houses, and wine lovers. For a refreshing experience for the mind and palate, check out these wine tours in Izmir.

Usca Winery

Try their award-winning white wines set in one of the most gorgeous places in Izmir. Great service and great staff.

Urlice Vineyards

Enjoy delicious wine while sharing a slice of pizza in this cozy and beautiful vineyard

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