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In recent years, what has been happening in Turkey’s real estate market, and why have foreign investment rates increased? All your questions are answered below.
The Turkish property is one of the fastest-growing market in Europe. In recent years, Turkey has seen a boom in construction and an increase in foreign investment. If you're looking for a place to buy property, it's worth considering before your purchase.

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Find Luxury Properties to Buy in Turkey

Turkey has been opening up to foreign investors in recent years. The country’s economy is growing, and it has become a more stable investment option for many people worldwide, looking to buy property abroad.

There are tax benefits of buying Turkish real estate; capital gains on properties in Turkey are non-taxed by law.
If a property enthusiast, and not sure whether Turkey is a good option. Here are its offerings- low prices and is close to Europe, Istanbul is just an hour away from most European cities by plane.

Get property for sale in Turkey with Homes and Beyond

Ranging from villas, apartments, and studios, there are several properties to buy in Turkey. There are various areas around that you can buy in Turkey. Many areas around the country offers a good quality of life with all amenities in walkable distance.

The Property Of Your Dreams, Now Within Reach

What makes properties in Turkey phenomenal is the fact that it has options for every kind of homeowner. Whether you’re seeking to settle down in a home unobstructed with sea view, a glimpse of the bustling city, or peace of the mountains, you will certainly discover this wonderful country.

At Homes & Beyond, we offer properties in cities such as Ankara, Bursa, Istanbul, and Izmir. Pick one, we assure you that you will never go wrong with choosing Turkey as your new home.

Benefits of Investing in Turkey’s Real Estate

Investing in Turkey’s real estate properties is a wise decision in many ways:
  • Turkey offers great value for money. Properties are generally cheaper here than in the EU or the Gulf, so you can get very good property options for the value of money you’re paying. For instance, a budget for a one-bedroom apartment in London could buy you a three to a four-bedroom villa located in popular areas of Turkey.
  • The cost of living in Turkey is also lower compared to most Western and Middle Eastern countries.
  • The pace of life is slower and more stress-free in Turkey compared to other Western countries, even if you choose to settle in its busiest cities.​
  • Turkey’s weather is perfect, all year round. Whether it’s summer, winter, autumn, or spring, there’s always a place to explore, an activity to experience, or a getaway to relax.
  • The Turkish government is highly dependent on tourism. This opens more doors to several investment opportunities for real estate owners, such as buy-to-let arrangements.
  • Turkey is very welcoming to other nationalities, and there are many ex-pat communities you can socialize with.
  • ​Turkey follows the Mediterranean Diet, often labeled as the most healthy diet in the world!

Purchasing houses for sale in Turkey under your name makes you eligible to apply for residency, so you have more freedom to spend more time in the country. However, if you plan to use it as a holiday home, then a tourist visa will be applicable, and restrictions will be applied to the amount of time spent in the country. So, if you are looking for a home or villas for sale in Turkey, Homes & Beyond is that ideal stop for your search.

How can Homes and Beyond help you Find Homes for Sale in Turkey?

Homes and Beyond is a Turkish real estate agency specializes to find property for sale in Turkey in your limited budget. We have been offering our services to clients from over the world since 2015, helping them find their dream house or villa, along with all the amenities they could imagine of.
The best thing about Homes & Beyond is personalized approach: our company only sends you properties that meet your criteria and preferences, so there is no hassle of viewing houses or villas that don’t match your taste.
We have friendly consultants that help you apply for a residency permit, so you have safe haven to go back to . You are rest assured that your interest is in good hands with Homes & Beyond by your side!

Why Invest in Turkey?

Whatever the reason for your interest in buying property abroad, there are many benefits to choosing Turkey as your second home.

Here are our top four reasons:

Value for money

You can invest in very reputable and luxurious properties in Turkey by paying way less than other EU countries, for instance, a budget that would buy you a one-bedroom apartment in the London could buy you a three to four-bedroom villa in many popular areas in Turkey.


Turkey’s weather is perfect in all seasons and is suitable for different tastes as you will always find activities to do during any season. Whether it’s summer, winter, autumn, or even spring there will always be a place to explore, an activity to experience, or a getaway to relax in.

Cost of living

One of the main benefits of investing in the country because no matter how much you are paying it’ll still remain cost effective when compared to many countries therefore no need to worry about expenses like gas, electricity, council tax, maintenance, renovations, or even everyday groceries as anything you need will be at very affordable prices for you.

Turkish Residency

Buying a property in Turkey and have it registered under your name will allow you to be eligible to apply for residency in Turkey and have more freedom to spend more time in the country. However, if you are planning to use the property as a holiday home then a tourist visa will be applicable, and a restriction will be applied to the amount of time spent in the country. On the other hand, if you are planning to move to Turkey permanently, then a residents’ permit is the solution to staying more and having an opportunity to becoming a citizen.

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