Top 6 reasons why you should move to Turkey

Turkey has a certain charm that makes you fall in love with it at first sight. The scenery, the food, the warm and welcoming smiles of the locals– it’s difficult to come up with a specific factor that makes even the most indifferent visitors want to stay in this marvelous country a little longer.  

There is also the real estate market, which is highly favourable to foreign investors. In September 2018, the amended Law of Turkish Citizenship was signed, effectively lowering the value of real estate property required to be eligible for Turkish Citizenship, among others. Because of this, we have witnessed a significant increase in the demand for properties in Turkey over the years.  

More than the financial benefits of being a Turkish property owner, there are a handful of non-financial gains that come hand-in-hand with living in Turkey. Below, we list down the top 6 benefits:  

  1. Cost of living 

  1. Delicious and nutritious food 

  1. Breathtaking sceneries 

  1. Hospitality of the locals 

  1. Variety of seasons 

  1. Affordable world-class healthcare services 

Cost of living 

One of the greatest benefits of living in Turkey is everything is more affordable compared to its European neighbors and any of the Gulf States. The current exchange rate is 1 Euro to 9 Turkish Lira, which is why it’s highly possible to find a four-bedroom villa with a view of the Mediterranean Sea for the price of a single-bedroom in the outskirts of London. Public transportation is not so bad either, and there’s also a wealth of affordable salon and spa services and farmers’ markets in case you need to unwind. 

Delicious and nutritious food 

Turkish cuisine is among the tastiest and most highly nutritious in the world. Because of the country’s strategic location, the food reflects Mediterranean, Balkan, Central Asian, Middle Eastern, European, and Armenian influences. Each city has a different array of specialties to offer and the ingredients are always fresh-tasting. Because Turkish people are fond of using herbs and spices, their dishes are teeming with antioxidant properties that help boost the immunity. Moreover, there is a high concentration of vegetarian and vegan dishes that omnivores and plant-based eaters alike will truly enjoy.  

Breathtaking sceneries 

It’s no wonder Turkey’s tourism industry plays a huge role in raising the country’s economy – the country’s sheer natural beauty combined with its  historical sites makes it a mainstay in everyone’s travel bucket list. 

Turkey is flanked by four seas – Mediterranean, Aegean, Black Seas, and the Sea of Marmara. Running parallel to its coastline is a chain of mountain ranges, blanketing the horizon with shades of brown and emerald green. One of these is Mt. Ararat, where the remains of Noah’s Ark were allegedly discovered. 

There are several world heritage sites recognized by UNESCO for their importance to cultural and natural heritage. Among these are the archaeological site of Troy in Çanakkale Province which served as the backdrop of Homer’s Iliad, Aphrodisias in Aydın Province, and Bursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. 

Hospitality of the locals 

The practice of being warm and accommodating to guests goes way back into Turkish culture. Even visiting one’s home can be quite an experience from entering until you’ve said your goodbyes – the host will surely find a way to make you stay an hour longer and will even give you a parting gift after. Turkish people are known for being friendly, loyal, and always willing to extend a helping hand, so making friends in the neighborhood will never be a challenge! 

Variety of seasons 

Since it is a large country, it is possible to experience a different climate depending on where you are in Turkey. Its Mediterranean region, which includes Antalya, Alanya, and Marmaris, is subject to a hot and dry summer and moderately warm winter. Istanbul experiences both Mediterranean and Black Sea climates, which bring hot and dry summer, warm spring and fall, and cold in snowless winter. This makes Turkey the perfect tourist destination year-round.  

Affordable world-class healthcare services 

Healthcare in Turkey is considered to be among the best and most affordable in Europe and the Middle East. Both state and private healthcare facilities are highly accessible for foreigners and expats, and emergencies are 100% covered by Turkish health insurance, while residents who have been living in the country for more than a year are protected by Turkey’s Universal Health Insurance System.  

Turkey is indeed one of the best countries in the world to live in, and we at Homes & Beyond can help you find a property you can call home here. Just contact us at (contact info) and let’s discuss how we can turn your plans into reality! 

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