What should you look for in a real estate agent?

Purchasing or selling a house is a huge decision that could go all sorts of wrong without proper guidance. This is why it’s highly suggested that you employ the services of a real estate agent, especially if it’s your first time participating in the real estate market.

However, not all agents work the same way, and there are a few essential things you have to keep in mind to ensure that you will be working with only the best in their profession. Below, we list down the qualities you should look for in a real estate agent.

Extensive knowledge of the local real estate market

A real estate agent with a deep familiarity of the market is a source of valuable insight. You can determine this simply by asking about the basics: what are the trends in the local market? What is the average sales price? How long do newly listed homes stay in the market? If you are looking to invest in a property, he or she would be able to advise on these things; otherwise, you are better off looking somewhere else.

Vast network of connections 

A reputable real estate agent has the portfolio to back themselves up, along with a solid network of satisfied clientele. Before you settle on an agent or agency, don’t hesitate to ask friends and neighbors for recommendations, and ask the agents themselves about their average list-price-to-sale-price ratio. It’s important to verify the agent’s track record because you want to be able to find a property and close a deal fast. If you’re seeking to invest in a new location, ask your prospects for a list of clients and their contact information so you can personally ask them about their experience.

Engaging personality

You will be entrusting a huge amount of your hard-earned money to your real estate agent, so it makes sense that the person you choose should be able to build and maintain a good working relationship with you. No matter how knowledgeable the individual is, if you don’t get along, you are bound to run into some issues in the future. Pay close attention to their communication and listening skills, and make sure to trust your gut here as well. If you genuinely feel that your agent thoroughly cares about and understands your needs, you are in good company. Otherwise, take all the time you need to look for someone else.

Attention to detail

More than being able to thoroughly understand your needs, a good real estate agent’s eye for detail should also extend to his or her organization skills. Is he or she a keen updater? Does he or she tirelessly follow up with leads? By paying attention to these deeds, you can already tell whether the agent is good at closing deals.

When should you start looking for an agent?

Once you have your finances settled and a budget set, you can start searching for an agent in the location you want to invest in. Don’t hesitate to inquire even if your plan is set in the future. Most agents and agencies would be more than willing to give advice even if you are not ready to buy yet.

If you are looking to invest in Turkey’s real estate market, Homes and Beyond is happy to lend a helping hand! We have been assisting local and foreign investors find their dream homes and properties in the country since 2014. Talk to us today!

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