Why You Should Retire In Turkey

There are few places for a non-national as welcoming as Turkey. From the exquisite natural beauty to the food and hospitality, it’s an excellent option for those looking for the perfect place to retire.

Here are just a few of the reasons why Turkey is one of the best places to retire:

It’s Affordable

Turkey’s cost of living is very low when compared to some of the bigger European countries. Although this is conditional depending on where you’re located. While the overall cost of living in Turkey is quite low, the cities are relatively more expensive compared to the countryside.

So, keep that in mind when picking out your ideal home. Apartments can be affordable as USD 250 monthly in some areas. Food is quite affordable too. You can get a full meal outside for as little as USD 5.

The Weather

Turkey’s beautiful beaches and coastal cities are synonymous with the country. It is a country that experiences all four seasons. From bright days to stunning autumns to magnificent snowy days ideal for skiing, there’s something for everyone.

Summers are typically dry and bright; however, the climate varies from area to region. Turkey offers it all: pleasant summers, wonderful springs, picturesque autumns, and lovely winters.

The Food

You can’t talk about Turkey without mentioning its food. Turkey’s cuisine is rich and varied as the people there. Inspired by Europe and Central Asia, Turkish food has a truly global appeal. The nation is known for its delicious meat and seafood dishes. Its fruits and vegetables are nothing to scoff at either. Turkey grows a large amount of produce and shopping in the local markets is highly recommended.


With living in the Mediterranean comes a Mediterranean lifestyle. From gorgeous weather, brunch on your terrace, to walks along beautiful beaches, Turkey is a retiree’s paradise. The Turkish people are very friendly, and people living here tend to adopt these values.

Expect a highly social lifestyle, active communities, and a lot of tea. For those looking for something closer to home, there is a multitude of expat communities.


Located centrally between Europe and Asia, traveling from Turkey is easy and affordable. Travel to European countries can cost as little as USD 40. Retiring to Turkey means that the world is at your doorstep.

For retirees, there are fewer places better to live than in Turkey. The climate, the people, and the food all in an affordable package make Turkey one of the best places to retire. So, if you’re looking for a place to settle in, look no more!

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