Why should you invest in Istanbul’s real estate market?

No bias —Istanbul is one of the greatest cities to live in. Although its biggest flex is it’s the only city in the world that straddles both Asia and Europe, there’s more to Istanbul than being the crossroads of human civilization. Below, we list down the reasons why you should jump in the bandwagon and invest in Istanbul’s real estate market. Potential for capital growth Although Istanbul is known...

The Economy Of Turkey 2020 – Strengths, Weaknesses, And Future Expectations

Information About the Turkish Economy: The Turkish economy is distinguished by its general competitive ground in various economic sectors, as it has proven its cohesion and strength with the components of strength and merit it has, also the Turkish economy is a vibrant economy that has been the subject of trust among the international parties interested in the economic aspect, and among the...

The Nine Most-Beautiful National Parks In Turkey

In conjunction with the renaissance that Turkey has been witnessing in recent years, the Turkish government has sought to preserve the environment of the beautiful natural areas, increase the green areas, and increase the number of areas placed under environmental protection. Turkey extends over large regions of multiple and different climates and terrains, making it rich in geographical diversity and...

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