Eastern Black Sea Region Hotel Occupancy Rate Approaches 100 Percent

  • 12 месяцев назад
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Due to fires in Muğla and Antalya, holiday seekers have turned their route to the Eastern Black Sea Region instead, and that’s why the reservations in touristic facilities have approached 100 percent recently.

Volkan Kantarcı, Chairman of TÜRSAB Eastern Black Sea Region Representative Board, said, “Unfortunately, there is a negative situation; In the last ten days, the occupancy rate in our hotels has approached 100 percent.:

In the Eastern Black Sea Region, 2021 is going very successfully in terms of tourism,” he said.

Tourism areas were severely damaged in forest fires in Muğla and Antalya, which lasted for about ten days.

Vacationers canceled their reservations in these places and preferred the Eastern Black Sea Region due to the negativities experienced.

Stating that they had the most active tourism season after the pandemic, Kantarcı said that the occupancy rate in hotels reached 95 percent. Kantarcı said, “the season of 2021 continues in a very positive and successful way for the Eastern Black Sea Region in terms of tourism.”

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