Turkish Citizenship

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The real estate market in Turkey has witnessed a tremendous demand from foreigners because of its financial and non-financial benefits. One of these is being eligible to obtain a Turkish citizenship, which is a great opportunity for investors who are looking to make more personal and commercial investments in Turkey.

Over the years, the real estate Turkish law has evolved to accommodate foreign investors. Acquiring a Turkish citizenship benefits both the investor and Turkey’s economy through sectors such as hospitality, food and beverages, and tourism.

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How the law was evolved to serve you better?

Over the years, the real estate Turkish law has evolved and constantly changed to suit the requirements of foreign investors thus investors feel welcomed by the country to visit and obtain opportunities as much as they can. This citizenship does not only benefit the investor as it will contribute to the boosting of Turkey’s economic through sectors like hospitality, food and beverages as well as tourism which plays a huge attraction role to the country.

The Law of Turkish Citizenship

According to Article 20 of the regulation regarding implementation of “the Law of Turkish Citizenship” enacted in 2010, there are specific requirements for foreigners to acquire in order to get Turkish citizenship. This regulation was later amended by the presidential decree and signed by President Erdogan on 19 September 2018. The decree with number 106 was published in the official gazette and was affected since the mentioned date.
The following changes were made in the amendment text:

  • The fixed capital amount required to apply for citizenship was reduced from US$ 2 million to US$ 500,000
  • The number of employees was reduced from 100 to 50
  • The required deposit amount in banks in Turkey was reduced to US$ 500,000
  • Real estate properties worth a minimum of US$ 250,000 are now eligible, compared to the original amount which was US$ 1 million
Foreign investors are required to hold their properties or financial investments for at least three years to meet the criteria for Turkish Citizenship.

Documents for Submission

  • Application Form (VAT-4)
  • A passport or similar document showing the current state (citizenship) of the person or similar document. if the person is stateless, a related statutory document provided it is possible to obtain such document
  • Certificate of civil status: If married, marriage certificate; if divorced, separation deed. If widow, death certificate for the spouse
  • Birth certificate or identity register copy showing the identity of the person. If married, identity register copy showing family ties, specifically the spouse and children. If the person does not have the month and date of birth date, a document obtained from the competent authorities of his/her country for the completion of the date of birth. In case the said document cannot be obtained the signed declaration of the applicant that he/she accepts the transaction pursuant to Article 39 of the Population Services Law no.
  • Receipt of the service fee to the Ministry of Finance

Reminders for Application

  • Upon the written instruction of the Ministry, a citizenship file consisting of the application documents is prepared by the office of the governor where the foreigner is located or foreign missions (if the person is abroad) about the applicant.
  • All Applications made by mail will not be accepted.
  • Citizenship applications for persons who are immature or deprived of discrimination capability should be filed by their parents or guardians.
  • The date of application is taken as the date the application form of the applicant is recorded by the application authority.
  • The process of validation of official documents issued by foreign authorities shall be carried out in accordance with Article 167 of the Regulation on the Implementation of the Population Services Law.
  • Document requirements such as diplomas and passports should be translated into Turkish and notarized at the time of application.
  • If deemed necessary, the approval of the original residence permit can also be made by the provincial directorates.
The Homes & Beyond team will guide you through the whole application process to ensure that everything is aligned with Turkish laws and regulations. We guarantee that you will have a smooth and hassle-free journey because we are highly familiar and experienced with the process.

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